Vans x OTH

Vans x OTH

OTH & Vans
graphic design vans
graphic design vans

When the iconic Montreal sneakery and all-around fashion favourite, Off The Hook, launched three new and exclusive Vans models, we were very excited to go along for the ride.

Each film represents a district of Montreal, namely the Old Port, Downtown and the Plateau, where each of the three OTH stores are located.

The artistic direction underscores the history and atmosphere of these three iconic areas.

You couldn’t ask for a more Montreal flavoured film!

animation vans

Blending the physical with the digital, these three films take on a mixed-media approach and a contemporary aesthetic.

vans collaboration animation
vans design

For the Old Port, a deep blue was used, evocative of the adjacent river.

vans picture

Though different, each film echoes the same great features of these special vans shoes in concert. The comfy sole, the classic design and, of course, each of the exquisite new colours.

animation vans
3d animation studio vans

For the Plateau, a lush green was chosen, in homage to the charming flower beds and, of course, Mount Royal itself.

As with the other films, surreal 3D is blended with gorgeous footage and graphical overlays to accentuate its history and design.

montreal animation studios vans
animation studio vans
vans animation 3d

Our process was one of experimentation and play.

We looked carefully at the shoes and just went wild!

vans animation 3d
animation vans studios

The Centre-Ville / Downtown model is special. This where the first OTH store was opened and where the story really begins.

A rich beige was chosen as a modern take on memories set in sepia.

publicité vans animation
3d animation vans publicité

What an absolute pleasure this project was! Exciting and fun, with ample room to play ;)

animation 3d vans studios montreal
OTH x Vans
Creative Director
Vincent Raineri
Vincent Raineri, Simon Duhamel
Director of photography
Simon Duhamel
Elizabeth Lafferrière
Color Grading
SHED - Charles Etienne Pascal
Motion Design & CG
SHED, Geoffrey Skrajewski
Music & Sound Design
Mickael Anctil
Special Thanks
Consulat & SLA Locations