Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

Gentilhomme mandated SHED to design and craft ambitious and spectacular CGI visual content for Orlando International Airport's new Terminal C, exploring both the known and unknown elements of the Central Florida region.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of these exceptional works of art, totaling 31 minutes of CGI content.

The Convolvulaceae are a family of plants characterized by their trumpet-shaped flowers and often heart-shaped leaves. In 3 minutes, we animated the growth of its leaves and the appearance of its flowers, until they retracted completely.

For this capsule, simply called "Ferns", the walls begin by getting damp. Water trickles down and the moss returns to life. This environment is ideal for the birth of ferns, growing in clusters until they occupy the entire space.

The sky darkens and the wind picks up. The ferns bend and form what look like waves. Then, in rapid succession, the plants retract and the stone behind them reappears.

During the 4.30-minute capsule, we witness the accelerated birth of two bougainvillea plants. The scene is breathtaking. After a while, butterflies emerge and flutter about in this abundant environment. Then petals fall and the plants retract, until they disappear entirely.

Fantastic Orlando are fantasy cityscapes created from the most beautiful landmarks in the Orlando area.
Slowly, the camera plunges to the bottom of the ocean. There we discover that the cities are in fact carried by oversized sea animals. 

One of our favorite capsules about the project.
When the stones recede, animal bas-reliefs emerge from the shadows. At the very top, a sculpture of a pretty child's face dominates the scene.
The wall becomes a peaceful water fountain, until our characters come to life and start squabbling. Watering each other to the hilt.
Be careful not to get splashed.


If you would like to see more details on this project, go to our Behance

Executive creative director
Thibaut Duvernaix
Production, design and animation