L'Éloi - Molson
Molson advertising motion design

We were thrilled to help Molson launch their newest drink, a light and refreshing vodka beverage, swaddled in a sleek and crafty identity.

Partnering with Sid Lee and L’Éloi, we set about creating a fun, modern and surreal universe.

motion design aquarelle
flyer molson ad

Combining hints of installation art and contemporary dance created an energetic and playful aesthetic.

molson motion design
flyer ad molson
advertising motion design

In addition, we added graphic knockouts and expressive typography to underline Aquarelle’s hip and charming identity.

motion design for molson ad

We carefully chose the dancers for their charisma and flare, imbuing each flavour with its own human touch and just the right personality.

molson advertising
aquarelle shot motion design

Building on colour and cheerfulness, we animated every universe in a lively fashion, further accentuating their already dreamlike feeling.

auquarelle can molson motion design

For the grand finale, we brought the entire family together in a lush setting that sums up each of the flavours’ personality.

Marie-Soleil Deneault