Lotto Ball Draw

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation

We were approached by McCann to help them revamp the Lotto Max Draw. The brief was to craft 3 distinct, sophisticated and playful universes,

This is exactly what we created.

The first universe was set in exquisite wood and golden bezels, turning and repositioning to form surreal mazes.

Shaped by a sense of interior design and public spaces, the second universe was set in retro hotel-like surroundings.

As intriguing as each of the universes were, what was most important was the method in which we finally revealed the winning number. We did so in many different, exciting and impactful ways.

For the third one, we devised an intricate and stylish pipe system, reminiscent of a whimsical factory.

Because we used a procedural approach we were able to easily change the number on the winning ball, affording us, the agency and the client a lot of flexibility. In fact, what we built and provided were 3 films set up as toolkits, capable of being freely modified at any point.

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation
Mc Cann
Guillaume Combeaud