Parisian eyewear-maker Baars asked us to help promote their artisanal and ingeniously designed glasses.

A true innovation in the world of spectacles, instead of traditional hinges, Baars glasses use an extremely clever alternative, magnets! A sturdy and lasting design complemented by a chique and minimal aesthetic.

A very exciting idea indeed!

Exploring the wondrous world of magnetism along with the glasses’ beautiful forms was what really kick-started the process.

A visual narrative took form.

From lowkey and minimal forms, we would go towards the light, adding complexity and sophistication as the film progressed.

The mix of classic graphic design and sleek 3D product visualization harmonized wonderfully with the modern Baars brand.

Honoring lasting and beautiful product design, is truly one of our greatest passions.

Baars Eyewear
Directed By
Vincent Raineri
Creative Direction
Sebastien Camden
3D Animations
Music & Sound
Mickael Anctil