Winter Dream

Winter Dream


"Winter Dream" tells the story of a reindeer who stumbles upon Santa's house before leading the convoy for the inevitable distribution of presents.

After sculpting the reindeer with zBrush and Maya, we created its rigging in Maya and then its fur in Houdini.

He's not the star of this story, but Santa is there, ready to welcome our Reindeer and drive his sleigh.

It was designed to provide for the needs of a secondary character, seen in the background.

FX are subtle, but very present, and make all the difference to the final result.

We worked with Houdini to create the snow that falls from the sky and accumulates on the reindeer's fur, the footprints, the magical trail that follows the sleigh and the smoke that comes out of the chimney.

Different stages in the creation of our lighting. It's all about the right mood.

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