Childhood memory

Childhood memory

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We created the "Childhood memory" animation for the 2022 holiday season. The large holiday window displays and elf workshops inspired us to create a universe that was both fairytale-like and minimalist.

With his skinned pooch in his arms, Timothé wanders lonely and sad. He stops in front of a shop window where elves are busy preparing Christmas presents. An elf sees the scene and gives the order to adapt the production. Timothé receives the pretty toque with a teddy bear ear attached, and his smile lights up.

The character of Timothé was imagined and drawn by SHED artists. In modeling and texturing, meticulous attention was given to the details in order to accurately render the character's scale.

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Our lighting and compositing artists recreated the atmosphere of a winter evening. The window is beautifully lit and eye-catching.

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