Interprovincial Lottery Corporation

For a Canada-wide LottoMax Campaign, DDB Vancouver came up with an elegantly simple script based on the huge impact a tiny change can have. It inspired us to develop a stylized interpretation of the natural world which is at once cinematographic and convincing, yet whimsical and playful.

For BEAR, we wanted to ingrain this realistic yet stylized character with relatable emotions and depth. We experimented with many different expressions and towards the end he felt like family.

Our protagonist had to have a wide span of emotions, from sad and depressed to happy and excited. An intimate interaction with the environment helped sell this wide array of feelings.


Reaching the right mood, required every little detail to be perfect, from the fur moving just right down to each person in the environment behaving realistically.

The result was a film that was naturalistic yet illustrative. Heartfelt and wholesome.

Building on this winning formula, we went on to use many of the same ingredients for FISH.

Inspired by the same sense of wonder we had achieved with BEAR, for FISH we wanted to create a world that was at once magical, yet completely believable. With a lead character that championed our hopes and dreams, breaking free to pursue something greater and more colourful.

What a great ride this project was. From drafting up the first concept drawings to building the world and bringing it to life via simulation and animation.

These are the types of stories we love to tell.

Interprovincial Lottery Corporation