Opera de MTL

Opera de MTL

Ogilvy - Opera de Montreal

In collaboration with Ogilvy, we produced a series of four commercials for the Opéra de Montréal, to announce their upcoming shows: Carmen, Champion, Das Rheingold and Rigoletto. 

By echoing each theme in a highly stylized fashion, we staged the main protagonists in a captivating, mysterious and theatrical atmosphere, inviting the audience to go to the opera to discover the full story for themselves.

For Das Rheingold, the centrepiece was the iconic ring, a pivotal plot device in this epic saga.

For Champion, we focused on the exciting moment when Emile and Paret have their spectacular fight.

For Rigoletto, we channelled the themes of jestering and jealousy.

For Carmen’s classic romance story, we went up close on the metaphoric symbols integral to the story.

We ended up with four perfectly concise homages honouring some of the most important stories ever told and saw a substantial boost in ticket sales that season.

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